Bestway Type VII Pool Filter Cartridge

Wxsoon Bestway Pool Filter Type VII as Replacement for Bestway FD2136 Typ D VII Filter Cartridge
Size: 108x95mm/4.2" x 3.8"
Piece in CTN: 125pieces
CTN Size: 55×55×55cm
Customized: Acceptable

The Bestway Filter Cartridge Type VII, Type D is a replacement swimming pool filter cartridge for your Bestway Flowclear 530 gallons/hour Filter Pump.This filter cartridge sifts out the debris and dirt in your above ground swimming pool so the pump can refill it with clean pool water. It's recommended you replace your filter cartridge every 2 weeks to ensure your pool obtains the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene.The included Bestway Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit is a great addition to any above ground pool or pool maintenance set. The kit includes a vacuum and a 9-foot pool skimmer that will clean out the dirt and debris inside your pool.The skimmer consists of a 110-inch aluminum pole with a durable mesh netting. The net scoops up leaves and floating organics in your pool. The vacuum is powerful, but lightweight and works hard to suck up the algae, debris, and scum lurking in your pool. It attaches to your filter pump and has a 19.7-foot long hose with a 1.25-inch diameter. The debris piles up in a removable bag in the vacuum and can be rinsed off with just hose water to be reused later.The kit comes with adapter to connect the vacuum to any Bestway pools and filter systems, and works best with a filter pumps with a 530 gallons/hour flow rate. The vacuum and skimmer are ideal for ground pools 15 feet and below.Keep your pool water clean, crystal clear, and hygienic with the help of the Bestway Flowclear 530 GPH Filter Pump for 3800 Gallon Above-Ground Swimming Pool.This filter pump fits most above-ground pools. With a flow rate of 530 gallons per hour and an integrated pool system flow rate of 480 GPH, this pump has the power to filter pools up to 3,800 gallons in size. It has a GFCI plug and comes with 2 hoses. This filter pump is easy to install and maintain, to ensure year after year endurance.

  • Package includes the Bestway CM Filter Cartridge Type VII/Type D with the Bestway Above Ground Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Accessories Kit and Bestway Flowclear 530 GPH Above Ground Pool Filter Pump

  • Replacement cartridges for 530 gallon per hour filter pumps

  • Easy to clean

  • Attach to filter pump to provide a powerful, lightweight vacuum

  • Bestway 530 GPH Flowclear Filter Pump keeps your pool water clean and crystal clear by filtering it and removing impurities and keeping bacteria from growing

  • Bestway CM Filter Cartridge Type VII, Type D | 58283

  • Replace every 2 weeks

  • Sifts out dirt and debris with your pump

  • Keeps your pool water clear and clean

  • Model Number: 58283E

  • Specifications:

  • Filter Type: Cartridge filters

  • Quantity: 12

  • Part number: 58283E-BW

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.8 x 3.8 x 4.2 inches

  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

  • Bestway Above Ground Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Accessories Kit

  • Super-easy assembly

  • Cleans pool walls and floors

  • Includes multiple adapters for connections to all Bestway pools and filter systems

  • Includes 9-foot adjustable aluminum pole for large diameter pools

  • Removable and reusable debris and leaf bag

  • Extra long vacuum hose 19.7-foot long, 1.25-inch diameter

  • Vacuum has a 1 piece cleaning head

  • Skimmer has a durable, washable mesh netting

  • For use with 15-foot and below pools

  • Fits filter pumps with 530 gallons/hour flow rate and above

  • Part number: 58234E-BW

  • Warranty: 90 day warranty against product defects

  • Bestway Flowclear 530 GPH Above Ground Pool Filter Pump

  • For use with most 300-2,220 gallon above-ground swimming pools

  • Flow rate: 530 gallons per hour

  • Integrated pool system flow rate: 480 gallons per hour

  • Includes GFCI plug

  • Includes 2 hoses

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Part number: 58385E-BW

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.5 x 12.2 x 10.9 inches

  • Weight: 7 pounds

  • Manufacturer warranty: 90-day warranty



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