Bestway Type II Filter Cartridge

Bestway Flowclear Type II Filter Cartridge, Bestway Swimming Pool and Spa Filter, Easy installation, Pool Cleaning Filter
Filter Cartridge II is for use in Bestway Lay Z Spa filter pump. You should replace your Lay Z Spa filter pump cartridges every 2 weeks during normal use for to maintain your pool water.

Size: 104 x 134mm (4.2 x 5.4  inches)

Weight: 135g

Piece in CTN: 100 pieces

CTN Size: 55×55×55cm

Required in all Bestway filter pumps to filter out all debris to keep pool water clean

Replace cartridge every two weeks

For use in Bestway Lay Z Spa filter pumps.

6-pack set for convenient seasonal maintenance

Filter cartridge is easy to replace.

Compatible with: Bestway Flowclear pumps 58383 (2,006 l/h) and 58386 (3,028 l/h), 58117 (3,028 l/h), 58386GS (3,028 l/h), 58386GS (2,006 l/h)



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